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We can provide expert advice on the forming of Thai companies, transfer of company shares and directorships and the relevant legislation. 

As part of our overall process, we will conduct due diligence on the company and any property owned by the company to ensure that the company has all paperwork and documents as required by the Civil and Commercial Code of Thailand, all company assets are properly recorded in the balance sheet and all company taxes have been paid.

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What We Do For You

Real Estate

Our experienced team of lawyers provide the full range of services in connection with a purchase or sale of land, house or condominium either by an individual or company which extends to the full range and scale of real estate matters, including assisting clients in acquisition, disposal, lease, usufruct, right of servitude, mortgage and development planning for private and commercial properties. We have many Clients, both domestic and international, who value our expertise and professionalism.

The services we provide include:

Due Diligence: This should be conducted at the outset of any purchase and prior to signing of agreements to ensure that a Seller has correct and legal title to transfer the property.
Acquisition and Disposal: Buying and selling residential and commercial property in Thailand, and providing advice in respect thereof.

Real Estate Leasing: We provide advice and leasing agreements on all aspects of residential and commercial leasing.
Registration and Transfer: We will attend at the Land Office to ensure correct transfer and registration of property.
Development Planning: Providing advice on planning a new development or project, including land acquisition and structuring of the development or project.

Usufruct, mortgage, right of servitude: We will provide advice on any such aspect if required and proceed to registration at the Land Office.

As part of our overall service we provide sound, practical and up to date legal advice on all relevant and important legal matters. We also work closely with our local government contacts to ensure that we get the job done in a safe and secure manner.

Administration of Estates

Upon death, an application by way of a Motion should be made to the Court to either appoint an Administrator if the estate is intestate or appoint the Administrator named in the Will of the deceased. 

Our dedicated team of lawyers can assist in advising on the documents required to be submitted to the Court, submit the application and accompanying papers to the Court, and then attend with you at Court on the appointed Court date. 

Following the granting of the Order for Administration by the Court we can continue to provide invaluable assistance to the Administrator to enable the terms of the Will to be carried out in accordance with the wishes of the deceased. 

Visa & Work Permit

We assist clients in applying for visas and work permits.

Pre-Nuptial Agreements

A pre-nuptial agreement protects the assets of individual spouses on separation/divorce and should be registered at the same time as the marriage.

We can provide sound and practical advice on the structuring of pre-nuptial agreements dependent on individual requirements.

If required, one of our Thai lawyers can accompany you to lodge the pre-nuptial agreement on the date of registration of the marriage to ensure that the agreement is accepted and properly recorded.

Companies and Transfer of Shares

We can provide expert advice on the forming of Thai companies, transfer of company shares and directorships pursuant to the relevant rules and regulations prevailing.

As part of our overall process on transfer of shares in a company, we will conduct due diligence on the company and any property owned by the company to ensure that the company has all paperwork and documents as required by the Civil and Commercial Code of Thailand, all company assets are properly recorded in the balance sheet and all company taxes have been paid.

Formation of Juristic Person

The formation of a Juristic Person is a complex, lengthy and drawn out procedure requiring the knowledge and expertise of professionals who understand all the legal requirements.

Our experienced team of lawyers are able to advise on every aspect and assist in forming a Juristic Person.

Estate Planning & Wills

Proper estate planning is not just important in your home country, but also in Thailand. From the cradle onwards we are encouraged to plan ahead, and it makes sense, to ensure that the assets you have worked hard for during your life time are to be inherited by those you think are deserving of them and not distributed under the Intestacy Rules.

If assets are purchased in joint names in Thailand, then the share of each owner does not automatically pass to the survivor/s. For example, if you die in Thailand without a Will, then your spouse is automatically entitled to only half of the marital property and the highest ranked statutory heirs – relatives of the deceased are eligible to inherit from you the remaining half of the estate equally.

Although the Court in Thailand can be asked to prove a Will drawn up outside of Thailand, there is no guarantee that this document will be approved by the Court, if the Court perhaps considers it contrary to Thai policy.

It is therefore important for a Will to be correctly and legally drawn up to safe guard your interests and investments in Thailand. Our experienced team of lawyers can give sound advice on the structuring of your Will dependent on individual requirements.

Notarial Services

Ms Amita Kullaphan, who is one of our Thai lawyers, is also a qualified Notary Public. She is able to undertake all notarial services.

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“Exceptional Vision
wise & effective legal advice

As Australian expats new to Thailand, it was important for us to engage legal advisers who understood both our needs as well as being equipped with the knowledge of the Thai legal system. To this end, we have been happy with the experience provided by Chavalit and Partners.

James McKaughan and Andrew Rowley-Bates – Australia

We were very pleased with your services and the help you offered us when we purchased the house in Samroiyod. The cooperation, explanations we received from your company were great, clear and perfect. We will really recommend your services to other people. No doubt about it. Thank you.

Agnes Gillain – Samroiyod, Prachuab Kirikhan, Thailand

I have used the services of Chavalit and partners for many years now in selling and purchasing property and I always found them to offer a prompt, reliable and exceptional service.

G. W. Broertjes – Hua Hin

Jane has been extremely helpful with her professional assistance and her personal advice. She has aided us in full compliance to our individual requirements through complicated sales and purchase contracts for our property in Thailand. Thai laws and regulation were unknown to us and we would have been lost without her vast knowledge and experience.

We have given her and her partners our full trust and have been rewarded with fast and best results.

Juergen V. Raesfeld – Hong Kong

Chavalit and Partners is a law firm I can personally highly recommend. Not only did the Management and staff give me great support when I originally bought a property  in Hua Hin 10 years ago but throughout the years until this very moment when asking for assistance and advice my issues are treated in a professional and competent manner. It’s more than customer friendly – it’s very personal and I feel safe.

Rene Zuercher – Hong Kong

Jane Haddow and her colleagues at Chavalit and Partners assisted us with our real estate purchases. They are very professional and knowledgeable. They always respond promptly to our queries and kept us informed at every step. They do excellent work and we would certainly recommend them.

Piet and Anne Marie Bekaert – Belgium

Chavalit and Partners have acted for us in forming a company, purchase of a house and the eventual sale of the property in Hua Hin.  As expats we were looking for sound legal advice to protect our interests.  We were given thorough and clear explanations throughout which resulted in seamless transactions to our complete satisfaction.  We would have no hesitation in recommending the excellent services of Chavalit and Partners.

Denise and David Cumberland – Malaysia

Century 21 Pro Real Estate Hua Hin has been efficiently using Chavalit and Partners for the majority of our Property sales over the past 12 years, with them acting for either our Sellers or Buyers.  Jane Haddow has been able to oversee all our cases and is always proactive to meet deadlines so the process runs smoothly and she and her Thai staff give realizable and detailed information to put both Buyers and Sellers at ease.

Glenn Thomson – CEO Century 21 Pro Real Estate Hua Hin



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